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I was born in Lima, Peru. I went to a British Private school in Lima, and upon completion, I went to the Agrarian University of Peru for 3 years. In 1961, I immigrated to the United States to pursue further education in the area of Economics. I settled in New York City and worked for a couple of years in the Banking Industry, while I was preparing myself to enter University.

In mid-1963 I received an “invitation” from Uncle Sam. What a surprise!  I was being drafted into the US Army. It was when I was going through basic training that J.F. Kennedy was assassinated. I still remember hearing the news as I was on my way to the mess hall for dinner.

I was sent to an army base in Germany a few months before the US entered in the Vietnam War. In 1964, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident while on guard duty in an ammo depot. I lost consciousness and when I came to, after a very strange and vivid experience, my first thought was, “I will live to be 100”.

After my discharge, I went back to Peru to work with my father in the family business. In 1968 a military dictator took over, and the country went through lots of changes and reforms. As a consequence, we lost the business. A devastating blow to everyone in my family.  However, I was eventually able to secure a bureaucratic position in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. I married my first wife with whom I have two wonderful daughters, and in 1974 immigrated to Canada.

In Toronto, I used my language skills to work with the Spanish community. I acquired certification and accreditation as a Court and Immigration Interpreter. I got certified as a Life Skills Coach, as well as in Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Family Group Conferencing. All of these assisted me to give sound advice and services to the community for the next 25 years. I became Director and represented the “Latino Canadian Community Association”, a not-for-profit organization. As a representative of this NGO, I participated in a series of working sessions on Restorative Justice with other multicultural NGOs and members of the Justice System including judges, and high-ranking police officials. I continue to serve as a Director on the Board of the Association of Spanish Speaking Seniors of Toronto.

I am now 79 years “young” and when I look back at yesteryear I realize I am on the right path; with a happy, healthy and independent lifestyle in my way to achieving longevity. For the last 32 years I have been married to Fran, now also a retired school teacher/ counselor and published author of HOW TO END EXAM ANXIETY.

I have kept on learning and practicing methods to keep my mind, body and spirit in the best shape. And most important, I looked at what centenarians were doing to achieve longevity.

The reality is that the younger you start living a healthy lifestyle the better chances to become a centenarian. However, even at a more mature age, any change for the better will extend months and/or years of quality life.

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