Exercises and Movement

Movement for Body, Mind, and Spirit.


We all have one and it comes in all shapes and sizes. We have to take care of that body so, be kind to it. At all stages of life, the most important and natural thing for the body is the movement that we give it. We need to keep that motion.

  • Children play, climb, jump, run .
  • Teenagers and young adults are into competitive sports.
  • More mature adults in “the gym”, camping, hiking.
  • Sixty + some gym, walking.

I have not included all the activities that individuals usually do.

The change in activity from a rural setting to an urban one has impacted in the amount of movement that the body was created to perform.

More Activity needed. Now at my … “young” age I am in pursuit of a quality lifestyle. My preferences are long nature walks, and tai chi exercises. Some people may prefer yoga exercises and these are great too.

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The brain is that big muscle located between our ears, which some of us use, some misuse and some do not use at all. Well, actually is the center of our nervous system. It is the most complex organ of our body. An adult brain may weigh between 1 to 1.5 kg.  The cerebral cortex, its largest part, is estimated to contain 30 billion brain cells. The brain controls the other organs of the body. A lot of information about the brain can be found in libraries, encyclopedias, as well as on the internet – Google it. My interest is that the brain is the physical receptor of the mind. It is only in this time that scientist and researchers are starting to understand somehow the association of brain and mind, how the brain works still remains a mystery.

The mind, is the seat of the subconscious, is the element that sparks my awareness, is a set of cognitive faculties that facilitates consciousness, perception, reasoning, discernment, judgment, understanding, sensibility, thinking, awareness, familiarity, insight and memory.

Some suggestions.

Our path through life is filled with decisions to make, and usually, it is this way or that way, it is the easy way or the difficult way, and did we made the right decision or the wrong one.

Usually, without realizing it we make hasty decisions and they are based on the teachings and experiences we are bringing in through life. But the good news is that you do not have to make hasty decisions. It is a matter of acquiring the right knowledge of how to deal with them.

There are several methods, systems or ways to learn to deal with important or difficult decisions to be made. I will like to tell you how I deal with these type of decisions, I am saying decisions that somehow are going to have an impact on my life or my family life, big or small, especially when it comes to living a wonderful and long lasting quality of life.

When confronted with these decisions I usually take some, most or all of the following steps:

  • I set aside some quality time to give careful consideration to the decision. Usually early in the morning.
  • If I feel something is causing me concern, I let go of any fear I may feel by getting into a relaxed mode.
  • I do this by meditating and listening to my instincts.
  • I go with my first instinct if I doubt I may lose it and have to start again.
  • I take some time to think about any consequences that may bring the course of action I am about to take, and decide which will be best for everyone concerned.
  • I consider whether or not you will be able to be proud of myself the following day.
  • I look at the situation from different perspectives.
  • I stop thinking too much.
  • I may write up my options.
  • I take a look at my past decisions.
  • I think about how I will feel in 5 or 10 years in the future.

 When confronted with decisions it is natural to emote and feel stressed.

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Our Purpose and Direction in life is to discover and fulfill our deep innate potential.  The qualities that make us live the way we do, make us different from other people. There are specific exercises that will assist us to develop purpose and direction.

The ones I favor are:

  • Morning Meditation.
  • Nature walks.
  • Relaxing and uplifting music.

What are yours?

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