Longevity Plus


Why Live a Long and Prosperous Life?

Well, for years, to be exact since 1964 I have looking forward to celebrating my 100th birthday. This starts while serving in the US Army when I was involved in a motor vehicle accident while on guard duty in an ammo depot. I lost consciousness and when I came to, after a very strange and vivid experience, my first thought was, “I will live to be 100”.

During my eighteen-day recuperation in the hospital, I kept a positive attitude and started to read more than I had ever read up to that time. I wanted to make sense of my strange experience while unconscious. After that, I have kept on reading books and articles on the brain in what regards to the human mind, and anything that supports the fact that we can achieve healthy longevity.

I have kept on learning and practicing methods to keep my mind, body, and spirit in the best shape. And most important, I looked at what centenarians were doing to achieve longevity.